What is Spiritual Health

what is spiritual health

What is spiritual health? This is a great question to be asking.

Man has neither been created to be as spiritual as an angel, nor has he been made to be as material as an animal.

When he strikes the happy medium, he will certainly tread the path which is meant for a human being to tread, the path which leads straight to the goal... Balance is the keynote of spiritual attainment.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Spirituality can be thought of as connecting with the Divine Spirit. Spiritual health is about love and appreciation.

You have a sense of completeness and feel connected to life and others. You experience unity, of being connected to the earth and the cosmos.

Man is composed of spirit and matter. We can experience ourselves as spirits in the material world.

Spirituality is getting to know our authentic self. Being aware that we come from heaven and yet have our feet on earth.

What is spiritual health? It's when we enjoy a sunrise or sunset. We stop to smell the roses. We have compassion for all things and we can feel deeply.

Spirituality is about knowing our purpose in life. We can get that guidance from our hearts.

There are certain exercises that one can practice to develop one's spiritual capacities, just as there are for the body and mind.

Create An Environment that
supports Spiritual Health

Find an environment that is conducive. A quiet place or, "sacred spot", free from distractions and interruptions provides an optimal environment for spiritual awareness.

What you can do:

Provide an environment for spiritual awareness and growth.

1. Meditation or quietude, listening, breath, heart

2. Prayer, speaking

3. Visualization

4. Yoga, mind-body practices, and breathing techniques

5. Dream-work

6. Nature

7. Art

8. Music and sound

What is spiritual health? It is a spiritual awareness that can happen anytime and anyplace.

As our awareness and consciousness expand with practice we discover that spirituality plays an important role in your overall health and well-being. There is a connection there that may not be easily visible but it is there.


We can talk about spiritual health and also about the spiritual power of mysticism.

We can experience spiritual health by connecting with the field of possibilities that surrounds us at all times.

We all have the ability to experience Divinity and this is what mysticism is about. Religion sometimes takes us away from this fundamental ability we have.

So it is possible to be spiritual but not religious. And you can also be religious and spiritual.

Puran Bair, an American Mystic, says in his book Living From the Heart:

Advancing in insight, in self-mastery, in love, and in peacefulness is all that matters. The problems of life are exercises to develop these qualities.


What is Spirituality by Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra discusses the heart, mind-body practices, technology and science of spiritual health.

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