Puran Bair
Mystic Meditation Master

Puran Bair

I've had the privilidge of knowing and working with Puran Bair through the Institute for Applied Meditation. Having previously lived in Tucson, Arizona, I was there when he and wife Susanna arrived around 2006. I took a number of meditation courses and seminars from both of them while there and was certified by them as a meditation instructor as well.

Puran and his wife Susanna are wonderful people and amazing meditation teachers. Having studied heart rhythm meditation from them I have a profound gratitude and feeling of the essence of this practice.

There's a simplicity to their teaching that is wonderful. In classes with Puran he speaks and meditates right along with everyone. This is the way he taught me and others to instruct. Heart Rhythm Meditation is taught from heart to heart. I once heard Puran Bair say that meditation can't be taught but it can be caught!

Puran has written some of the best books on meditation in existence. His first was called Living from the Heart and was called one of the most important books ever written on meditation by Random House publishing. A 2nd edition was released in 2010 and is a great update to the original 1998 1st edition. The book goes into great detail about Heart Rhythm Meditation and the Element Breaths. It's sort of a combo between Buddhism and Heart Meditation. Truly a gem and one I refer to all the time.

In 2007 Puran Bair and Susanna Bair co-wrote Energize Your Heart in 4 Dimensions. This book describes a model of the energetic-emotional heart that is totally unique and compelling. Describing the dimensions as: width, height, depth, forward and inner. Each dimension represents a quality of heart and meditation breathing practices are taught which energize these dimensions.

They have a link on their website to the Heart Index which anyone can take for free. it gives you information about the relative strength of your heart's dimensions and can be used for your own growth practices.

Recently released is their newest book called Follow Your Heart, The Map to Illumination. This book and the other two mentioned basically describe a complete spiritual path that we all take and is amazingly illuminating.

Last year in 2010 Puran realized a dream in the opening and accreditation of the new University of the Heart. The school offers a two year program designed to take students to the state of illumination. Knowing Puran as I do I think this is indeed possible and desireable.

My website, Healthy Heart Meditation, has grown and developed from my association with Puran Bair and Susanna Bair and the Institute for Applied Meditation. My goal is to help promote personal and global harmony and coherence and to spread the message of the heart far and wide.

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