Heart Meditation
Opens the Heart Center

The Heart Connects Body, Mind, and Soul

Heart meditation is a powerful and transformational way to connect with your authentic self and end the struggle, pain, and blockages that may be limiting you.

Developing a conscious relationship with your heart is the beginning of a life-long friendship. When you do this, your heart begins to speak to you and remind you of what is really important.

A culture of the heart is emerging. There is an era of creativity and compassion which is coming. The heart is playing a starring role in this new age!


Let your heart center open and relax. This can be a turning point for you as you shift into heart consciousness.

When you approach life from the heart, you feel more alive and in touch with your authentic self. You start to trust your mind less and your instincts more. You feel that you do make a difference in the world.

If you meditate on your heart you tap into your heart's resources in a powerful way. You feel complete. You get in touch with your purpose in life, which has most likely been forgotten in the daily busyness of life.

Focusing on your heart helps you find your ground and also helps you reach for the stars. It allows you to share your best natural gifts with the world.

Finding your heartbeat brings attention to your heart. By concentrating on your physical heart you become aware of your emotional heart. And as you continue the practice you become conscious of your spiritual heart as well.

We've all been taught to rely on our minds and we have ignored our most powerful ally, our hearts.

Too much dependence on our minds is exhausting and drains our energy and personal power.

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The heart has a rhythm that heals its own wounds and directs the mind and body.

If you practice Heart Rhythm Meditation, you will bring balance to your heart, mind and emotional body.

Successful people have learned the secret of tapping into their hearts for guidance on their most important questions and problems.

There is a contraction around your heart that needs to be loosened up. These meditation practices focus on heart and breath and will gently open your heart center and allow you to fill it with unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others. This practice brings true stress relief.

This openness in your heart center affects your physical and your emotional body. As you continue to practice meditation and open up your heart center this will create an opening for personal spiritual growth.

You can become a heart-centered person. It's not hard. It starts by finding your heartbeat. It's pretty easy to learn to meditate with your heart and the rewards start coming right away.

Heart Meditation Practice

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