Heart Coherence
For Health, Well-Being and Spirituality

When you experience heart coherence you feel great. There is much LESS STRESS on your heart.

Your heart gets stronger and beats more slowly and regularly. There is a smooth rhythm to your heartbeats and this impacts your brainwaves, your immune system, your emotional state and your physical state.

Heart Coherence is one of the hottest areas of health and biofeedback research!

Dance with your own heart rhythms and you will inspire your life in many positive ways.

Your heartbeat is constantly changing and the changes are all part of your nervous system, your emotional body and even your spiritual self.

Coherence occurs when you put your heart rhythms into a smooth and regular pattern like a series of ocean waves, or a ripple across a pond.

When you are experiencing heart coherence, you have an increased sense of well-being. You feel less stress. Your mind slows down, and your heartrate slows and becomes more regular.

Your emotions and attitudes shift from frustration to appreciation. You are entering The Zone.

Your Heart Rhythms

The graph below shows a person's heart rhythms (heart rate variability) while doing coherence breathing practices.

Coherence can be seen in the smooth wave pattern that develops in the heart rhythms during coherence breathing practice.

heart coherence session

Benefits of High Coherence

When your heart rhythms dance in a wavelike pattern as seen in the above image you are experiencing:

  • Deep relaxation

  • A balance of mind, heart and body

  • Positive energy radiating out from your heart area

  • A clarity and originality of thought

Who Should Practice Coherence

Anyone, from students to athletes can find benefits of practicing heart coherence.

  • Students will be able to focus better on their studies.

  • Athletes will be able to stay centered and calm during their competitions.

  • Anyone who wants to reduce stress significantly, make their heartbeats more regular, and improve their overall well-being.

  • Business people will be able to keep a clear mind and practice coherence before important presentations or just to stay relaxed and work and full of positive energy.

  • Spiritual seekers will be taken to that Divine place within that is accessed through the heart.

Getting Started

Here are my best recommendations for ways you can learn the heart coherence technique and begin living from the heart.

emwave Buy an emWave2 from HeartMath and learn the Quick Coherence technique with bio-feedback. Truly a tech gem.. affordable.. fun.. powerful.. change your life and your heart rhythms for the better!

iom biofeedback for meditation

The IOM biofeedback technology and meditation gaming comes from Deekpak Chopra and his friends at Wild Divine.

Learn breathing and meditation techniques from meditation masters and use their active feedback device to know when you get it! Speed up your learning of ancient practices with the power of your computer.

This type of technology uses Heart Rate Variability sensors like the emWave and also skin conductance levels to give you instant feedback on your progress. A fantastic and comprehensive offering.

how to meditate with heart ecourse Learn how to meditate with Heart Rhythm Meditation. This is our signature eCourse, based on ancient Sufi Heart Meditation and blended with the science of Heart Rate Variability.

You'll learn our special heart coherence practice of focusing on your breath and heartbeat. In heart rhythm meditation, the heartbeat is our biofeedback.

The heartbeat is encoded with tons of information about our internal state. In this fantastic, heart-centered practice- you learn how to create a state of coherence and then go deeply into your own heart.

You open your heart and receive what is given to you. You send out waves of peace from your heart. You feel like you are bathing in a pool of pure, emotional energy. Heart meditation is such a great practice for meditation and for life. Live from your heart.

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Breathing for Health

Mounting research shows that exercises to slow breathing can help reduce elevated blood pressure.

-- Wall Street Journal

One of the most important tools you can incorporate into your life, to affect not only the longevity of your life, but the quality of your life, is a deeper, slower breathing practice.

--Andrew Weil M.D.

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