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Conscious (mindful) breathing can be done anywhere and anytime. It can be done sitting down with eyes closed or standing up with eyes open.

1. Shift your attention or awareness to your heart area.

2. Think of your breath flowing in and out of your heart area. Breathe more deeply, rhythmically and slowly.

3. As you are breathing in this way feel the gratitude your heart has for giving it your attention and your breath. Think of your breath and your heart as two old friends.

You may also think of somebody or something that you appreciate. Try to hold the feeling of appreciation or gratitude while heart breathing. This enhances the effects of well-being.

Doing this practice will help you get into a more positive emotional state. Your mind will become quieter. Relaxation will occur and your concentration will improve.

Opening the Heart with Energy

This method of breathing is simple yet powerful in its results. You will feel right away a relaxation and calming. This practice opens and softens your heart. It oxygenates your blood and brings fresh energy into your body and mind.

Heart Meditation Practices

Bringing our breath and awareness to our heart area brings our attention into our body. This is a good thing. You want to be in touch with your body. It conveys messages to you from your heart and it lets you know how you are doing.

Transcendental meditations will take you out of your body but in heart meditation we stay present in our bodies, centered in the heart. We also use the breath to keep us grounded inside the meditation. It is healthy to feel your body and heart practices connect you emotionally and spiritually as well.

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Connect your heart and mind with this innovative Heart Rate Variability device.   This bio-feedback device measures your coherence levels and you learn how to get into an optimal state of balance and peace by using your breath and your mind.

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