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These Free Meditation Downloads are all guided Heart Meditation Practices. You can learn what you need to develop your own meditation practice right now!

Heart Rhythm Meditation works with the rhythms of your body. By synchronizing your breath and heartbeat you create Heart Coherence. This strenghtens your heart and makes your heartbeat more regular.

Emotionally, you feel more comfortable. You come to understand that emotions are really just energy flowing through your heart.

Different meditation practices allow you to energize your heart in different dimensions. This gives you control of your internal self. For example, if you are getting heated up emotionally, you can use the downward water breath practice to cool yourself down. Stress and anxiety decrease significantly.

If you need extra energy you can use the streaming fire breath to inspire your heart.

All meditations give you tools for peace and harmony. Heart Rhythm Meditation benefits not just your physical and emotional body but also your spiritual self.

By using these free meditation downloads from Healthy Heart Meditation, you will radiate peace and you will open and expand internally. This is expanded awareness or consciousness.

As you expand in this way you gain new feelings and insights which you can be guided by.

Free Meditation:

Heart Breathing Practice - Start with this very simple heart-breathing practice. You'll be amazed how well it works! Heart focus, heart breathing, heart feeling and heart healing..

How to Meditate for Beginners - Discover some great tips and secrets on this page and enjoy trying out some of the many different meditations I've provided for you. Most of them can be listened to on your computer if you have sound. You can even download them to your computer and listen on your portable device too!

Easy Meditation Techniques - Start with the Royal Posture, breath, heartbeat and gratitude. Then continue on at your own pace and learn the full, conscious, rhythmic breath and more! I'm giving you the same practices that I teach in person.

When you try Heart Rhythm Meditation you will feel like you are diving into a pool of pure, emotional energy. The meditations bring relaxation, a quieter and more reflective mind, and then light and energy which radiates out from your heart.

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