How to Meditate
With Heart

Learning how to meditate and breathe is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Being heart-centered is a healthy way of living. You CAN learn how to relax your body, slow your mind, open your heart, relieve stress, and enter a meditative state.

On this website I give you the best information available to explore your heart with meditation, with science and technology tools, and with spirituality.

How to Meditate with Heart

Your heart is so much more than just a pump to circulate your blood. It is that, plus much more.

Your heart is multi-dimensional and contains the essence of who you are. Your past, your present and your future are contained within your heart.

Tap into the creative energy and love within your heart and use that to solve your greatest challenges.

Connect with the rhythm of your heartbeat and you connect with the rhythm of life.

The heart attracts its desire. Deep within you lies a purpose to your life. As you learn how to meditate you will allow your heart to be your best friend and guide.

Bring your mind into harmony with your heart and experience your full potential.

Heart Intelligence

Every heart has a purpose. Every heart has intelligence. Every heart has an electromagnetic field. Every heart beats out a rhythm.

We are all deeply connected with each other through the heart and this is great news. Feelings of separation or isolation come from a wounded heart.

Heart Meditation will take you to new levels of heart health, emotional stability, and heart consciousness.

You can learn how to heal your emotional heart, inspire your spiritual heart and energize your physical heart through the simple practices taught on this website.

Learning how to meditate will take you furthest along the path but you can benefit greatly just from thinking about your heart and giving it the loving attention and respect it craves.

Heart-based practices bring balance and clarity to your mind. You shift your awareness to your heart and go within so that you can connect with your most authentic self.

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

What will you find by going within?

Joy, guidance, emotion, energy, compassion, and courage.

Concentrating on your heart begins the process of healing the heart, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The heart plays a central and vital role in all aspects of your life.

Simply putting attention on your heart is healthful and easy to do. And learning how to breathe consciously is one of the best relaxation techniques there is.

Relaxing Rhythms
of the Heart

Heart Coherence

As your heart rhythms become more rhythmic and smooth, you feel relaxed and your emotions become more positive. This is called Heart Coherence.

A coherent heartbeat is a healthy heartbeat.

When your heart beats coherently, it is relaxed, it has better rhythm and is more powerful than a stressed heart.

Loving Heart

As your heart opens and softens through breathing and meditation practices you connect more deeply with your emotional body. This intimacy is very important for heart health.

Learning how to breathe and how to meditate is healthful and easy to do. Take care of your heart and it will take care of you.

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