How to Meditate with Heart

Learning how to meditate and breathe is one of the best things you can do for your heart and your self. Being heart-centered is a healthy way of living. Give your mind and your ego a rest. You CAN learn how to relax your body, slow your mind, open your heart, relieve stress, and enter a meditative state.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

Learning how to meditate will give you a greater understanding of yourself and your purpose in life. All you need is your heart and your breath and you're ready to begin!

Most meditations focus on the breath.  In heart rhythm meditation we focus on the breath and heartbeat. Adding the heartbeat makes heart meditation a richer experience I believe. It brings you into your body which is so healthy and leads you into your emotional and spiritual heart as well.

Be aware of your breathing now and keep reading..

Body and Mind

Your body is giving you signals all the time about how it's doing. Do you listen? If you learn to listen to your heart you will be listening to your body. Don't worry, you can still honor your mind but it must take it's rightful place as servant to the heart.

Your heart loves to receive your attention.  When you give it attention, it responds with its heartbeat. The heart might speed up because it is excited to be noticed, or it might get very quiet when given your attention and breath.

Heart Coherence
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Your heart beats in a rhythmic pattern. It constantly speeds up and then slows down. This is what makes up your nervous system.  A rhythmic heartbeat that follows a wave-like pattern is what you want for optimal health. Heart Rhythm Practices will show you how to make your heart beat rhythmically and powerfully.

As you focus on your breath your mind becomes quieter. This will be a great relief for most people. We all tend to have more thoughts running around in our head than we need at any one time. A quiet mind and a full heart is sure to bring you peace and contentment.

Your emotions and intuition will be much richer if you learn how to meditate with your heart. The heart is your best guidance system. Focus on it whenever you need to reorient yourself or find your way.

Your heart literally powers your life and if you meditate upon it you will be making a conscious connection between your heart and mind which will allow you to be your most authentic and original self.

Heart Circle

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Please join our Circle of Hearts in any way that you can and be part of a new spiritual awakening that has the heart at the center.

What will you find by going within your heart? You'll find your physical heart first. Then you will discover your emotional heart hidden within. And finally, you'll find your spiritual heart which connects you to all life and all other Beings in a rich and compassionate way.

Peace is the strongest healer there is. Meditation will lead you to a peaceful place where all healing occurs.

Discovering how to meditate with your heart begins the process of healing the heart, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The heart plays a central and vital role in all aspects of your life.

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